Turkey Taxidermy

Before the Hunt

Contact me before the hunt so you know how to properly care for your bird to be able to display your trophy.


We are located in Dickson, TN. To deliver your bird to the shop, please check out our full guidelines.


All mounts are fully customizable and start at $1100. Shop your mount, pose, display or custom design your bird.

Birds Only Taxidermy

Welcome to Birds Only! Taxidermy. Feel free to browse the site and as you do please remember I specialize in Wild Turkey Taxidermy Only. I believe that in order to provide you the customer the best, most realistic, and most artistic turkey mount possible that I should specialize in one thing and not many. I choose to to limit my intake of birds each season to 100 in the spring season and I put 25 on what I call my fall list. I only take a few turkey a year in order to reassure that you will receive your trophy within a decent time frame of a year or less, with the quality you expect. I hope you will see in my work that I am passionate about my work. I am and always will be seeking to get better in the years to come because quality not quantity is a must at Birds Only! Taxidermy.

All mounts as of 2020 are $1100 per mount (Includes floor base or limb). Pedestals $250. Shingled birds extra $500

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your price?

My current price for all mounts is $1100 including floor base or limb ($300 deposit). White turkey’s are $1500. Cape damage and repair is extra, price varies. Pedestals $250.

Do you have an expedited service?

Yes, $1800 guaranteed your bird back in three months. Base is included.

Do you ship?

We ship only through Patriot Trophy Haulers. There is an extra fee involved. For a list of current pricing please contact our provider directly here

When can I drop off my bird?

You can drop off your bird between 8 am and 6 pm. If you want to make sure I’m here to move your bird into the shop, email or call me to schedule a drop-off time.

Cell # 615-519-8353


What is your turnaround?

Turnaround is 1 year from the date you drop off your bird.

Does the mount have a real head?

All mounts include real heads with the option of a fake head.

How do I prepare before the hunt?

Want to know everything you need to know before you hunt to get your trophy bird in prime condition? Start by watching these two videos: Facebook Tutorial #1 >> Facebook Tuturial #2 >>

Drop-off and Shipping Instructions

Shipping instruction are as follows. After bird is harvested, wrap head with paper towels, then place sandwich bag over that and seal with black electrical tape. (DO NOT HARVEST MEAT. I do not want the bird cut at all.) Then place head first down in large trash bag and freeze solid. Once frozen solid place in cardboard box well insulated with towels or something to prevent any moisture leaving the box during shipping. (Also can send in a cooler as option) Ship on a Monday no later than a Tuesday second day guarantee. Please include in box in a sealed freezer bag name, address, phone number. Call me the day you ship to give me heads up to be watching for it. 615-519-8353.

Drop-off instructions. After bird is harvested, wrap head with paper towels, then place sandwich bag over that and seal with black electrical tape. Then place head first down in large trash bag and get bird to me as soon as possible. DO NOT HARVEST MEAT. I do not want the bird cut at all. My shop address is 1452 Pomona Rd Dickson, Tn 37055. my cell is 615-519-8353 if you have any questions.

How much is the mount?

Birds either come on floor base or on a limb for the base price of $1100 per bird (base included in that fee). If you want to shop our pedestals or rock displays, those are extra fees depending on your choice.

What is your Fall list?

I put 10 to 15 birds on what I call a “Fall List” that will be mounted right after I finish my Spring turkeys that I took in. Usually, I am finished with the spring list by early fall. Basically, I am using your freezer to store your bird because mine is full. You still will get your bird back before the upcoming spring season if you are on the Fall list.

Select Your Mount Style

Choose from a wide variety of mounts to display your trophy. (All mounts come with a cherry oval base unless otherwise specified.)

Select Your Pose Style

We offer several natural poses to showcase your bird.

Select Your Display Style

Our natural habitat displays capture the hunt forever.

Shop our Custom Displays

Custom displays are made-to-order to showcase your trophy bird in style. Contact me to discuss your custom project.
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